Lysine is a key ingredient in Lysulin, a nutritional supplement that supports blood sugar management. “We have a patented formula that contains Lysine, which is an essential amino acid the body needs to function properly,” said Dr. John Burd, CEO of Lysulin, Inc., a health and wellness company in San Diego. “Research suggests Lysine can ‘slow the rise in blood glucose levels after eating.’”

“Lysine is one of three key ingredients we used to develop Lysulin,” Dr. Burd said. “All of the ingredients, including Zinc and Vitamin C, have track records that support blood sugar management and insulin function.

“Both Lysine and Vitamin C support healthy blood sugar levels while Zinc is important for insulin function,” Dr. Burd said. “We also have human clinical research studies that support the effectiveness of Lysulin, which promotes healthy blood glucose and A1C levels. “Since most people don’t eat a well-balanced nutritional diet, they are not getting enough of these nutrients every day,” he added. “Lysulin helps you supplement your diet with these nutrients.”

Dr. Burd said millions of people need to monitor and control their blood sugar levels.

“Unhealthy blood sugar levels can cause major health conditions, such as cardiovascular and kidney disease, stroke, nerve damage, and dementia,” he added.
Lysulin products include:

• Lysulin Capsules
• Lysulin Chewable tablets
• Lysulin Once-a-Day Powder
• Lysulin Liquid

Lysulin was formulated and created by Dr. Burd, a Ph.D. scientist, biochemist, and founder of Dexcom, the worldwide leader in Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems.
“People need to take their blood sugar levels seriously,” he said. “They need to have their family physicians test their blood glucose levels to determine the necessary medical action required.

“Your doctor may recommend eating a low-carb diet, more exercise, and prescribe medication,” he added. “As many people are trying alternative remedies, you might want to consider Lysulin.”

Lysulin Capsules and Powder are available at select CVS and Walmart stores. Click here to find a location near you.

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