Introducing Lysulin

Lysulin helps promote healthy blood sugar, A1c and insulin function.

Lysulin Shake

The Lysulin Shake helps promote healthy blood sugar, A1c, and insulin function while helping manage healthy weight control.

The Transformation Begins Here

See what a difference 90 days can make! Simply take Lysulin everyday and use our convenient in-home A1c test to check your progress month 1, 2 and 3.

Celebrate your independence from blood sugar worries with Lysulin!


Lysulin Blood Sugar Support Powder

Lysulin Healthy Insulin Support

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Lysulin Works! Here's Why.

Taken daily, Lysulin has been clinically demonstrated to maintain healthy levels of A1c and to help promote healthy insulin function.

Meet Dr. Burd, PhD. Founder / CEO

Lysulin was founded by Dr. John Burd, a renowned scientist and the founder and former CEO of Dexcom, Inc., the leader in Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. His current research is focused on the toxic sugar coating that happens when excess glucose binds to and changes proteins in our bloodstream, a process called “protein glycation.”

Dr. Burd has dedicated his career to helping family members and others.

Education & History

  • ^University of Wisconsin (1975) – PhD in Biochemistry. Not an MD.
  • ^Founder and inaugural CEO of Dexcom. Market leading system for continuous glucose monitoring. Helping 2 million people worldwide.
  • ^Winner of the Ullman Award for Innovation in Clinical Chemistry
  • ^In the American Association of Clinical Chemistry Hall of Fame
  • ^40 year career dedicated to solving health problems using biochemistry.

Five Formulas To Fit Your Lifestyle


Soft Capsules

Lysulin Healthy Insulin Support


Taste Great!
Tangy Berry-Flavored

Lysulin Healthy Insulin Support


Once Per Day
Light-Lemon Flavor

Lysulin Healthy Insulin Support


Gluten Free
Subtle Sweet Flavor

Lysulin Healthy Insulin Support

Lysulin Shake

Vanilla & Chocolate Flavors
15 & 30 Day Supply

Lysulin Healthy Insulin Support

Lysulin Combo Pack

3 Month Supply of Lysulin
4 A1c Test Strips

Lysulin Healthy Insulin Support


Contains 4 Test Strips
1 patented A1CNow analyzer

A1c Now Test Kit

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Natural Glucose SupportBacked By Science

Lysulin was formulated by Dr. John Burd, a renowned diabetes scientist and Founder of Dexcom, the worldwide leader in Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems.

Lysulin is a patented formulation of three powerful, clinically tested dietary supplement ingredients. †

Lysulin is clinically tested and has been shown to promote healthy blood glucose, A1c, and insulin function after only 1 month of use.

Lysulin is made with safe and effective ingredients and is less than $1 per day.

Hear What Other People Are Saying.

Lysulin Diabetes Supplement

It Works! Highly Recommend

“I am very satisfied with Lysulin after using it for 2 months and I am recommending it to my sister-in-law.” – Bob W.

Lysulin Diabetes Supplement

Love Your Product

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your product. So glad to have had a chance to try your product. Thank you!” – Teresa C.

Lysulin Diabetes Supplement

What Can You
Expect with Lysulin?

Lysulin will start promoting healthy insulin function as you take it daily, but don’t look for changes in your daily blood glucose. You need an A1c test that measures average blood sugar over the past 2 to 3 months, because that’s how long a blood cell lives. Start the month with an A1cNOW home test to establish your baseline.

Lysulin will continue working, helping your cells absorb blood sugar to maintain healthy levels of insulin function. After 2 months, repeat your A1c Test. It’s important to be sure that your A1c stays at healthy levels.

We guarantee that you’ll see results in 3 months, if you take Lysulin every day, as recommended. Complete another A1cNOW home test every month and be sure to keep taking Lysulin every day.

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