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Getting to a healthier weight & blood sugar level doesn’t have to be hard.

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Support For Healthy Blood Sugar


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The Only Weight Loss Shake with the Patented Lysulin Blend

Supports Healthy Weight Loss and Blood Sugar

  • NRelease Stored Fat (5g Net Carbs)
  • NSatisfy Hunger (10g Protein)
  • NFight Cravings (6g Fiber)
  • NHealthy Glucose Support (No Added Sugar)
  • N2 Delicious Flavors: Rich Chocolate & Creamy Vanilla
  • N2 Convenient Sizes: 30 & 15 Day Supply
  • NMade in the USA in an FDA-Registered Facility

Glucose Support Supplements

  • WPatented Blend of Lysine, Zinc, and Vitamin C
  • WClinically Tested
  • WSupports Healthy Blood Glucose
  • WMade In The USA In An FDA-Registered Facility
Lysulin Blood Glucose Support

Soft Capsules

Lysulin Blood Glucose Support

Once-A-Day Powder

Lysulin chewable tablets for blood glucose support

Chewable Tablets, Berry-Flavored

Achieving Your Wellness Goals With Lysulin

Lysulin supplements for healthy blood glucose and weight loss


Our Weight Loss Shakes provide support for both weight loss and healthy blood glucose. The only weight loss shake with the patented Lysulin Blend.

Lysulin supplements for healthy blood glucose and weight loss


Exercise is an important element in achieving weight loss and overall wellness. Moderate daily exercise coupled with our Weight Loss Shakes will help you attain those goals.

Lysulin supplements for healthy blood glucose and weight loss


Eating healthy boosts energy, strengthens immunity, aids digestion, improves mood, promotes weight management, enhances skin health, reduces disease risk, and supports overall well-being.

Lysulin supplements for healthy blood glucose and weight loss


Track your eating and exercise habits. Stay motivated, achieve your goals, and take charge of your health journey. Keep tabs on your progress and make the most out of every step you take towards a healthier you.

Lysulin supplements for healthy blood glucose and weight loss


Discover the power of Lysulin supplements for healthy blood glucose support. Available in 3 convenient easy-to-take formats: Soft Capsules, One-Scoop-Per-Day Powder, and Chewable Tablets.

Lysulin supplements for healthy blood glucose and weight loss


Maintaining a healthy A1C level is essential for overall blood glucose levels. We also provide an FDA-Cleared home testing device for measuring A1c in the convenience of your home. The kit includes a disposable meter and 4 test strips.

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