Concerned About Your Blood Sugar?

Maintain healthy blood sugar, A1c, and insulin function, all without a prescription.


Benefits of Daily Use


High blood sugar can affect various cells and organs in the body and lead to health issues which is why addressing it is important. Lysulin provides the nutritional support your body needs to maintain healthy blood sugar so you can stay active and healthy!


An A1c test measures your average glucose and the higher the percentage,  the higher the risk of long term health complications.  Good news is with Lysulin, you can start to see results in as little as 30 days, with best results after only 90 days!


Proper insulin function plays a central role in maintaining healthy blood sugar and avoiding complications caused by insulin resistance. When taken daily, Lysulin helps insulin receptors to function normally so you can maintain healthy glucose levels on an ongoing basis.

Just What Your Body Needs

Targeted nutritional support for healthy blood sugar, A1c, and proper insulin function. 

  • ^Clinical Studies
  • ^Patented Formula
  • ^Measurable Results
  • ^Essential Nutrients (Lysine, Zinc, Vit C)
  • ^Convenient forms (capsules, chewables, powder)
  • ^Less Than $1 Per Day
  • ^Money-Back Guarantee

Donovan McNabb And Lysulin

The NFL Great Uses Lysulin For Healthy A1c and blood glucose

We are proud to associate with NFL great Donovan McNabb who spent 13 seasons as a quarterback and is recognized as one of the all-time greats. Hear his story of how Lysulin helped him maintain a healthy lifestyle.

View Video

Choose Your Favorite Form Or Flavor

We’ve got lots of options to choose from!! Plus, a convenient way to measure your A1c at home and track your progress.

Lysulin Healthy Glucose Supplement


Blood Sugar Support
$29.95 per bottle.

Lysulin Healthy Glucose Supplement

Choc & Vanilla Shakes

Healthy Blood Sugar & Weight

Lysulin Combo Pack

Reg: $169.80
Special Price: $124.95


At-Home A1c Test

4 individual tests
$79.95  Now $64.95! Limited Time! Save $15!

Real People Getting Real Results

So Amazing!

“I’ve been using Lysulin Blood Sugar Support for over 3 months and my blood sugar and A1c have never been better. I’ll be a customer for life!” – Claire

Forever Grateful!

“I’ve struggled for years to manage my blood sugar and it wasn’t until my doctor suggested I try Lysulin that I finally found a solution. Thank you for helping me take back control.” – Bob

Lysulin Shake For Healthy Insulin Function

It Really Works!

“I’ve struggled with my blood sugar and weight for years and it wasn’t until my doctor suggested I try Lysulin that I found something that helps me maintain both – healthy glucose and healthy weight. What a treat!” – Larry

Have You Heard About The 90-Day Challenge?

Getting to a healthier A1c number doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with the right guidance, nutritional support, and motivation, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish!

That’s why we created The Lysulin 90-Day Challenge…a simple and rewarding way to help you achieve your blood sugar and A1c goals and live a happier, healthier life!

And you’ll be eligible to win $100 CASH plus 3 months of FREE Lysulin when you complete your Challenge. Now that’s a real win-win!

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