The Lysulin Story

Created By Renowned Bio-Chemist Dr. John Burd, PhD

Introducing Lysulin Healthy A1c and Blood Glucose – the all-natural solution to help you maintain optimal blood sugar levels and support healthy insulin function. Our clinically optimized supplement, developed by renowned bio-chemist Dr. John Burd, PhD, combines essential nutrients that your body needs to regulate blood sugar and A1c levels.

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Meet Dr. Burd, PhD

Founder / CEO / Author / BioChemist

Lysulin was founded by Dr. John Burd, a renowned scientist and the founder and former CEO of Dexcom, Inc., the leader in Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. His current research is focused on the toxic sugar coating that happens when excess glucose binds to and changes proteins in our bloodstream, a process called “protein glycation.”

Dr. Burd has dedicated his career to helping family members and others.

  • ^University of Wisconsin (1975) – PhD in Biochemistry. Not an MD.
  • ^Founder and inaugural CEO of Dexcom. Market leading system for continuous glucose monitoring. Helping 2 million people worldwide.
  • ^Winner of the Ullman Award for Innovation in Clinical Chemistry
  • ^In the American Association of Clinical Chemistry Hall of Fame
  • ^40 year career dedicated to solving health problems using biochemistry.

” Our mission is to help people with high blood sugar maintain healthy A1c levels so they can live a full, active, vibrant life! “

We are committed to educating people on ways to control blood sugar through diet and exercise while also empowering them with affordable, convenient and clinically supported products that contain powerful ingredients found in nature.

We are gratified by the feedback we receive every day from people who tell us that Lysulin has made a real difference in their lives and we believe it can make a positive difference in yours as well.

What’s so special about Lysulin?

Results that will impress your doctor

We can’t tell you how many people have shared with us the difference Lysulin has made in addressing their high blood sugar and A1c levels - sometimes after only 30 days with even better results after 90 days. Plus we make it easy for you to track your progress with an A1c test that you can take at home. This way you can measure your A1c level before, during and after taking Lysulin to see your progress. Now that’ll give you a reason to look forward to your next check-up!

Convenient And Affordable

We give you lots of ways to include Lysulin in your daily routine and at less than $1.00 per day (or $1.67 for shakes), it couldn’t be easier on you and your wallet! Pick a favorite form or mix and match - we give you 5 different options to choose from:

  • Soft capsules (easy-to-swallow!)
  • Tangy fruit flavored chewables (what a treat!)
  • Light lemon flavored powder (mixes easily in water or food)
  • Mild sweet flavored liquid (liven up any beverage!)
  • Rich choc or creamy vanilla shake (also supports healthy weight!)

No More Guessing

Our founder, Dr. John Burd, is a brilliant research scientist and after years of studying and testing different formulations, he discovered what works. The result is Lysulin - a clinically optimized supplement that contains the precise level of essential nutrients that your body needs to maintain healthy blood sugar and A1c levels and support proper insulin function. Now that’s one less thing to worry about!

Ingredients backed by science and in harmony with nature.

Lysulin contains a proprietary blend of ingredients scientifically shown to have a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels. These are nutrients that are well-known in the natural world but also have strong clinical and research studies showing the positive effect they have on glucose management and insulin function.  


Lysine is an amino acid that has been shown to react with glucose and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Unfortunately the body cannot produce this essential nutrient on its own and our daily diet often lacks enough of this essential nutrient to have a beneficial effect on blood sugar which is why people often turn to supplements.


While we all know vitamin C is a powerful immune booster, studies have also shown that it can help maintain healthy blood glucose levels. But because the body is unable to store vitamin C, we need to consume foods or supplements that contain  this vitamin every day.


Did you know that zinc can help clear glucose from the blood, activate cell receptors to support glucose uptake and is beneficial for people with poor insulin function?  The problem is the body cannot store excess zinc so it needs to be replenished every day and sometimes we don’t get enough of this essential mineral in our daily food choices.

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