Meet Dr. Burd, PhD

Founder / CEO

Lysulin was founded by Dr. John Burd, a renowned scientist and the founder and former CEO of Dexcom, Inc., the leader in Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. His current research is focused on the toxic sugar coating that happens when excess glucose binds to and changes proteins in our bloodstream, a process called “protein glycation.”

Dr. Burd has dedicated his career to helping family members and others.

  • ^University of Wisconsin (1975) – PhD in Biochemistry. Not an MD.
  • ^Founder and inaugural CEO of Dexcom. Market leading system for continuous glucose monitoring. Helping 2 million people worldwide.
  • ^Winner of the Ullman Award for Innovation in Clinical Chemistry
  • ^In the American Association of Clinical Chemistry Hall of Fame
  • ^40 year career dedicated to solving health problems using biochemistry.


Lysulin Healthy Insulin Support

In 2018 ...

➧ In 2018, the company launched a first-in-class line of natural dietary supplements shown in published human clinical studies to promote healthy A1c levels, and insulin function.  

➧ The flagship product contains a patented blend of Lysine, Zinc and Vitamin C and works by absorbing glucose, so it can be safely removed from the body.   

➧ It’s the only nutritional blood sugar supplement with 6 patents and 2 published clinical studies showing its effectiveness.


“Obesity and overweight are major obstacles for people working to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar, so incorporating the Lysulin ingredient into a weight loss shake was a natural evolution for the brand” said Dr. John Burd, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lysulin, Inc.

“Weight loss can have a dramatic impact on your blood sugar and overall health. Our shake is formulated to help people cut down on the excess sugar in the American diet.”

Dr. John F. Burd

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lysulin, Inc.

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