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Lysulin – Chewable Tablets


Chewable tablets make it easy for you to boost your health while on the go!
1 x 180ct bottle (1 month supply) – Nutritional Support for people with Diabetes and Prediabetes.

Promotes lower blood sugar levels with three essential nutrients, Lysine, Vitamin C and Zinc. Chewable tablets are easy to take.

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In R&D and clinical studies for over 20 years, Lysulin has been shown to lower blood glucose and glycated proteins*. Lysulin also improves the lipid profile by lowering cholesterol and LDL and raising HDL*. Lysulin contains an amino acid, a mineral and a vitamin that we consume every day, but the levels are too low to show a beneficial effect. Lysulin contains these ingredients at levels to support nutrition in this population*. Lysulin also supports healthy cholesterol levels*

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