Nutritional Support to Help Maintain Healthy A1c Levels

Diabetes Wellness Community

If you are diabetic, pre-diabetic or feel you may be at risk of becoming diabetic we are here to help you. Diabetes is a terrible disease that can be avoided and or better managed. Diabetes Wellness Community come together to support each other and offer their experiences to help answer questions you might have.

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Lysulin Resource Library

Lysulin was founded with one goal: to help people maintain healthy A1c levels. Here are a few useful resources for information, support and glucose monitoring supplies.

Glucose Toxicity – Part 3

The previous 2 blogs have illustrated that glucose is a poison due to protein glycation, a reaction of glucose with proteins that causes insulin resistance and the formation of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs), the cause of complications.  Recently a nutritional supplement, Lysulin, has been introduced which targets and stops the glycation of AGEs, along with […]

Glucose Toxicity – Part 2

Everyone needs glucose for the energy we use every day.  We also need insulin to escort the glucose into our cells to generate the ATP that we use for our energy needs.  However, glucose in our bloodstream is not a passive bystander, but is, in fact, a poison. Glucose reacts with all life-giving proteins, adversely […]

Glucose Toxicity – Part 1

Thanks to our the pharmaceutical industry, the food and sugar lobbyists, the Government, and the Medical establishment, we now have a worldwide epidemic of OBESITY and TYPE 2 DIABETES along with patients who remain sick while taking multiple prescription drugs. Thanks to these organizations and their recommendation of a HIGH CARBOHYDRATE, LOW-FAT DIET we now […]

5 Common Myths About Diabetes

There are many common misconceptions about diabetes that persist despite evidence to the contrary. Here are the five that are most common.

1 in 4 Older Adults Battling Diabetes Use Alternative Medicine: Report

Older adults with diabetes are at high risk for developing additional health conditions and are turning to complementary and alternative resources to manage their health, according to a new report.

Black-Ish Star Anthony Anderson Talks About Not Taking His Type 2 Diabetes Seriously

Anthony Anderson, star of ABC’s hit comedy Black-ish, discusses how he’s overcoming his type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

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