Lysulin - Glucose Toxicity - Part 1
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Glucose Toxicity – Part 1

Thanks to our the pharmaceutical industry, the food and sugar lobbyists, the Government, and the Medical establishment, we now have a worldwide epidemic of OBESITY and TYPE 2 DIABETES along with patients who remain sick while taking multiple prescription drugs. Thanks to these organizations and their recommendation of a HIGH CARBOHYDRATE, LOW-FAT DIET we now have a pandemic that does not need to exist. Look around and you can easily see that this diet recommendation is a complete failure!

I believe that we can wipe type 2 diabetes off of the planet, like (polio and smallpox), without any investment in R&D. It simply requires that the government and the medical establishment urge that people use a low carbohydrate, higher protein and fat diet, along with certain nutritional supplements. The supplements are necessary because the processing of food removes essential nutrients. All it takes is a concerted effort to wage a war on DIABETES. A WAR THAT WE CAN WIN!!

See Glucose Toxicity – Part 2 for an explanation of why glucose is toxic.

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